10 Questions to Ask Blog Writers Before Hiring Them

  • February 20, 2022
  • admingreen
  • 7 min read

When it comes to blog writing services, you want an expert who knows the industry. This blog post will discuss ten questions that you should ask blog writers before hiring them for your company. If they can’t answer these questions confidently, it might be best to find someone else.

Let’s get straight to it.

1. How long have you been blog writing?

While writing is a natural talent, it’s essential to ask your blog writer how long they’ve been blogging. Why? Because blogging requires so much more than writing talent.

There are many things to think about, including SEO, tone of voice and whether a writer can align with your preferred style.

For example, we’ve worked with many clients in various industries, including sustainability, health and wellness, pet services/products, B2B services, B2C companies…you get the picture.

The point is, you need to know your blog writers can deliver a complete service and represent your brand identity and personality well.

2. What blog writing experience do you have?

Along with how long they’ve been blogging, ask your blog writer what kind of experience they have, which could be anything from a hobby blog to content marketing or guest posting.

You want someone who knows the ins and outs of blog writing and can provide insights, tips and tricks to help you improve your blog strategy.

Businesses should always consider using professional blog writing services because it gives them a better chance of ranking.

Hobby bloggers don’t have to think about SEO, and competitor analysis so much, which is why it’s best to hire someone with content marketing experience.

3. What blog posts do you usually write for your clients?

Tell me about a blog post that was successful on social media. How did it get so many likes and shares? Are there any blog posts of yours that I could read before selecting you as the blog writer for my company?

These questions are great, but remember that a blog writer can’t be 100% responsible for organic traffic and social shares. For example, if a company is new and has ten followers on social media, the blog post won’t get lots of shares.

Blogging is about working with an SEO strategy and enhancing it for success, so it’s more important to consider content quality.

Do you like reading the blog post? Does the writer engage you? These things are essential when hiring a blog writer for your business.

4. Do you offer a free sample?

There’s nothing wrong with seeing how a blogger would write for your business, and at Green Tree Content, we always offer a free 500-word writing sample so our potential clients can decide whether they’d like to hire us.

It’s always a good idea to get blog writers to complete this writing sample and then pick the blog writer you like best.

For example, if their blog post is well written but doesn’t align with your preferred voice or style of blogging, it might not be worth working together after all.

Content quality comes first!

5. What blog writing services do you offer?

While some blog writers only offer blog posts, others might help with blogging strategy and SEO.

At Green Tree Content, we tend to work with businesses on a one-off or retainer basis, so they have access to all of our blog writing services. This ensures that their blog continuously improves in terms of quality and performance.

Hobby bloggers usually work part-time and have a day job, whereas professional content marketers are wholly dedicated to their work. It’s good to know about these things before hiring someone new, potentially wasting time and money in the process (which nobody wants).

6. Do you have any blog writing experience with SEO?

This is an excellent question because blog writers who are SEO specialists will know how to improve your blog posts for better rankings.

They’ll also help with keyword research and suggest topics that will attract organic traffic.

If a blog writer doesn’t have any experience in SEO, it’s best not to hire them because they won’t be able to help you much in this area – and your blog traffic could suffer as a result.

At Green Tree Content, all of our blog writers have extensive knowledge in SEO, and we always aim to produce the best quality content possible.

7. What’s included in your fee?

Some blog writers might include blog post research and writing, while others might not.

At Green Tree Content, we always do our research beforehand so that our clients know what to expect with the final product. This usually includes a blog post brief, keyword research, competitor analysis and finding images.

We also offer blog posts written specifically for SEO purposes, which can help improve your website’s rankings over time.

It’s essential to ask this question before hiring a blog writer because you don’t want any surprises down the line.

A good thing about working with professional content marketers is that they’re upfront about their fees – unlike some hobby bloggers who might charge way too much.

8. Will I own the content you create?

This is another blog writing question that’s important because blog writers might not always understand the importance of content ownership.

Whether you’re hiring a blog writer for your personal blog or business website, they shouldn’t own the rights to the blog posts they produce. 

It’s also worth knowing whether there are any additional charges when taking down old blog posts if needed – especially within time-frames like Google Search Console, which have strict removal policies!

At Green Tree Content, we never want our clients worried about anything after their project has been…so every single piece of content we create is 100% owned by our clients, with no copyright issues involved.

9. Can you help me with a content strategy?

Some blog writers might not offer blog strategy as part of their services, but others will.

It’s important to know what you’re getting before hiring someone so that there aren’t any nasty surprises down the line, and blog strategies can help with this!

Blog writing is something we love at Green Tree Content – which is why we always try to further our blog writing skills even more by offering comprehensive blog management and content marketing solutions.

We usually work alongside businesses on a one-off or retainer basis for blogs, copywriting and SEO. That way, they never have anything to worry about because everything has been taken care of from start to finish.

While there’s a one-off fee for a content strategy, it means you can benefit from knowing where your blog is going and a complete SEO plan.

10. Why Should I Choose You?

If a blog writer can’t answer a question like that, you’ve got a problem!

At Green Tree Content, blog writing is something we’re passionate about – which means you’ll always get the best quality blog posts possible.

All of our blog writers are highly skilled in their respective niches and have years of experience under their belts – so they know what to do when it comes to attracting organic traffic through blog posts. And if there’s anything down the line that you need help with, don’t hesitate to contact us because…well…we love blogging!