Ebook Writing Service

Bring Your Ideas to Life With A Professional eBook Writer.

If you want to develop an idea into a reality but don’t know where to start, you’re in the right place. Gone are the times of sending your book to a publisher and hoping they’ll accept it; eBooks are a powerful and much cheaper alternative for getting your content noticed.

Writing an eBook takes time and patience, but a skilled writer can take your ideas and turn them into an informative eBook that engages readers.

I offer a comprehensive service that includes fiction genres, autobiographies and business eBooks that serve as a lead magnet and boost your sales.

Studies suggest that eBook sales are only going to increase (TNPS) so what are you waiting for? You audience is expecting you. 

What You’ll Get With My eBook Writing Service


Using my eBook writing service means you benefit from years of experience and a fully writing process. Whether it’s a professional book that doubles as an inbound marketing and lead generation tool, a memoir or a work of fiction, I can help you create something extraordinary.

My eBook Writing Service Will Put You in the Spotlight.

So many businesses are using eBook writing as a valuable inbound marketing tool because they know that providing people with helpful information and actionable content makes their business stand out against the competitors.

The days of ‘buy me, choose us’ advertising are gone and providing a personalised experience for your audience is central for turning them into customers.

While freelance eBook writers look to you for guidance, I work with you to establish a plan for your book and take the load off of your shoulders. 

Whether you have a basic idea for your book or a comprehensive plan in place, I’ll help you define the right tone, and take your eBook to a different level. 

Why Choose Green Tree Content Instead of Cheap eBook Writers?

If you've ever used a cheap freelance eBook writer, you'll know that high-quality content is hard to come by. Most eBooks have repetitive, boring content, which is often full of grammatical errors. It's not the best way for a company to generate leads, and poor content can impact your reputation.

While some of these writers charge as little as 1p a word, you'll find that the cheap initial cost will result in you:

Spending a lot of time proofreading and editing the content Having to pay a professional editing service to do the work for you Writing the book yourself

By choosing me to write your eBook, you can rest assured that your eBook will be engaging, crafted to perfection, and free of those pesky grammar and spelling mistakes that make your company look bad.

My service includes:


Jargon Free Writing

Unless your book is for a very knowledgeable audience, we’ll make sure it’s jargon-free. Content should always be easy to digest. I’ll help you strip complex theories or concepts back to basics and deliver an eBook that showcases your expertise on any subject but appeals to readers.

Full Formatting

I take the pressure off the development, creation and editing process so you can focus on the fun stuff. My eBook writing service includes formatting in TXT and PDF. If you’d like to use another formatting type, I’m happy to discuss your needs and will always work to your specifications.

Flawless Editing

Once I complete your eBook content, it goes through a strict proofreading and editing process, so you can rest assured that your final content will be flawless. I’ll also send you chapters in advance upon request so that you can offer feedback.

The Writing Process

I aim to make sourcing high-quality content as straightforward as possible and don’t believe anyone should have to go through the whole process of messaging back and forth. With me, there’s no red tape.

Got questions? I've got answers

While I try to offer a convenient eBook writing service, I’m also fully aware that you might have some questions. Please feel free to reach out, or check out the FAQ page.

Are You Ready to Find Success?

The best eBooks will drive traffic to your website, increase your selling potential and set you apart as an industry leader. 

If you’d like to know more about my service, please feel free to get in touch. Using order form is the best way to submit a written sample request or order your eBook content.

I look forward to hopefully working with you.

eBook Writing Service FAQs

Do you write fiction eBooks?

Yes, I write both fiction eBooks and autobiographies. While my background is routed in business eBooks, I’m a highly creative writer and storyteller. Plus, you can check out my style through a free writing sample.

How many pages will my eBook be?

If you head over to the content shop, you’ll see three eBook packages, which each offer different word counts. You can also add extra words. 

Will I own my eBook?

Yes, as soon as you’re happy with the final draft and sign off on the project, you have complete control over how you advertise it, and where. 

Can I see samples of your eBook writing? 

As many clients want a ghostwriter, I have to respect their rights and privacy. However, my portfolio has some long-form content, and I’ll always provide a free sample to all prospective clients. 

What are your turnaround times?

I always go out of my way to offer a convenient eBook writing service, and aim to deliver as soon as possible. However, I won’t compromise on quality, and some books require more extensive research than others.