Content Marketing For Pet Business Owners

Claim your place in the competitive pet industry with on-demand & hassle-free copywriting and content marketing services

Are you a pet business owner who wants to get more leads and sales from your website?
I can help by creating high-quality, engaging content that will attract more visitors to your site – and convert them into customers.

With my dynamic pet industry marketing services, you can focus on what you do best – taking care of pets! I’ll take care of the marketing so that you can see real results in no time.

Copywriting & Blog Posts On Demand

What makes me different to other copywriters? I like to simplify things for you, by skipping the lengthy Skype consultations and onboarding processes and enable you to order on-demand content at the click of a button.

Unless you want to have a conversation with me, of course. Whatever’s most convenient for you. 

My Pet Industry Content Marketing Services

I know what it’s like to be a loving pet parent, and your customers want to see your dedication and commitment to their furry friends. More importantly, your pet brand has to burst with passion, and I can help you do that.
Whether you’re a veterinary service, dog grooming salon, cattery business or anything to do with the pet care industry, I’ll make sure you connect with your audience and can build a trusting relationship with them – and their beloved pets!

You deserve high-quality content for your website, right? Trust me to deliver.


There’s no one size fits all solution in copywriting. All pet businesses are different, so I make sure everything I do is completely bespoke to your business needs. Whether it’s a content strategy, blog posts to drum up more support or a complete website rewrite, I  identify what will work best so you can achieve more conversions and increase your sales volumes.

Here's How Green Tree Content Is Different

Complimentary Free Sample

Are you sick of investing in content writing services only to find they're nothing that you imagined?
My purpose is to save you time, so I offer a free 500-word sample. All you have to do is fill in a short form, it goes straight through to me, and I'll get to work. If you like the sample, you can order your copywriting, blog posts or anything else you need directly from the content shop. It's that simple.

Seamless Ordering System

My services are accessible whenever you need them, and how you want them. In fact, you can order content in less than five minutes. Choose from single long-form blog posts, bulk packages suitable for all budgets, and content strategies to fuel your growth. Why spend ages going back and forth when you can access on-demand, bespoke content marketing services?

Fully Bespoke Content Marketing

Bespoke content is tailored to the unique needs of your business. It's about finding out who you are, what makes you different and aligning everything I do with your personality and goals. With my dynamic services, you're always in control of everything. This includes, how you'd like to come across and the impression you want to make on your target audience. I then craft your content based on your goals.

Order Your 100% Free Sample

OK, so you visit a website, book a free consultation and have a lengthy discussion about your business – right? That’s fine – but just because someone can talk the talk, it doesn’t mean they can walk the walk.

Put me through my paces and order a free sample. Any topic, any tone – I’m up to the challenge. 

Why choose my pet industry content marketing services?

Finding best blog writing services, that won’t let you down is harder than it should be – but I’ll always go the extra mile for you.

Helping businesses likes yours succeed is what I love to do, and when you love something, you invest everything in it. Having a natural talent for writing helps, but content marketing is about combining creativity with strategic thinking.

Your business growth means everything to me, and you can guarantee that you’ll receive the best advice, support and content that fires up your audience and drives your company forward.

Pet Website Copywriting

Website copywriting is one of the essential elements of any business. In today’s Google-driven world, your website is more likely than not the first place people will look to find out about you.

Your visitors will decide if they want to learn more about you in around seven seconds. Sounds daunting, doesn’t it? How on earth can you pique someone’s interest in such a short time?

Well, it’s all about thinking like your customer – and that’s easy for me.

As a freelance copywriter and content marketer that focuses on sustainable businesses and pet industry brands, I’m dedicated to ensuring businesses like yours get to grow with compelling content.

As a pet owner myself, I think like your customers. So that means I know how to write copy and content for them.

Let me provide you with high quality, compelling copywriting in any style you need – whether that’s fun and quirky, professional and authoritative, or anything in-between.

I’ve got you covered.

Purrfect Descriptions For Pet Products

Turn casual browsers into excited buyers with a few sentences. It’s impossible to understate the importance of creating compelling product descriptions that capture your target audience’s attention and persuade them to buy.

I’ll work with you to create creative, persuasive, and emotional descriptions. With my help, you can reach more customers and sell more products.

Brochure Copywriting

Capture the hearts and minds of pet lovers everywhere with stunning brochures. The right balance between high-quality images and compelling copywriting can generate tremendous results for your business.

Whether you want to sell more products to pet obsessed consumers, promote your not-for-profit organisation, help pets find new homes faster or raise awareness about a specific issue surrounding animal rights, I can help.

My brochure writing services are flexible, and I create copy to enhance your images, not drown them.   

Please get in touch if you’d like to design a bespoke brochure or enhance your current marketing materials with creative and expressive copywriting.

SEO Content Writing

Search engine optimisation is the difference between people finding your business and it fading into the vast internet. However, the thing is, SEO writing is so much more than adding a few keywords to your content.

Google doesn’t like that anymore, and stuffing your content with keywords achieves one thing; Google’s crawlers decide they don’t want to be your friend and bye-bye business growth.

As an SEO expert, I can ensure your content is compelling, exciting and in line with your personality while still doing all the technical things that help you increase your organic traffic.

Would You Like to See Some Samples?

If you'd like to learn about my blog writing projects, you can head over to the portfolio page (link to page). I also have sample pieces of content from popular niches or please feel free to request a no-obligation 500-word sample using the order form.

Get in Touch

If you’d like to learn more about my pet industry marketing services, please feel free to get in get in touch.  I’m always happy to offer advice and support – or you can head straight to the content shop and get your free sample.